Yachting in Corsica, “L’Île de Beauté”.

Corsica, a must for yachting on the Mediterranean

Corsica or more commonly known as “L’Île de Beauté” (Isle of Beauty – trad.) in French attracts many tourists. It has become a must for yachting in the Mediterranean.

The Corsican marinas have nothing to envy to the ports of Monaco or Saint Tropez, flagship destinations for mega yachts. Indeed, during the summer, the party is at the rendezvous on the Côte d’Azur, then the yachts head quite quickly to Corsica in search of serenity and well-being. The island of beauty has thus been able to adapt to the demand of this luxurious clientele. Now able to accommodate boats of up to 100m, the island’s ports quickly fill up with yachts during the season.

Restaurants, visits to the natural heritage, tasting of local products, Corsican music on board your yacht. The senses are awake and the pleasure is there.

The AGents group, with its recognised presence in the Mediterranean, is established in Corsica with the Corsica Yacht Service agency in Calvi, Ajaccio and Bonifacio. You can thus benefit from a quality follow-up throughout your stopover in Corsica.

A breathtaking natural heritage

The Corsican lands possess an important natural heritage, of a wild and attractive beauty.

The Bouches de Bonifacio Nature Reserve is home to coastal environments such as the Archipelago of the Lavezzi Islands, the Cerbicale, Bruzzi and Moines Islands, the cliffs of Bonifacio, and the ponds of Ventilègne.

The Scandola Natural Park is home to the Punta Palazzu island, the Gargalo island, the Cap Rossu, the Palazzu islet and the Garganello islet; these red rocks resemble those of Théoule-sur-Mer, a commune located in the South of France not far from St-Tropez.

La Revellata is an outcrop of land about 3 kilometres south of Calvi, offering a taste of the wilderness so characteristic of the Balagne. It is easily accessible from the coast. This site is made up of numerous rocky coves and two fine sandy beaches (Alga and Acilluccia).

The Callanches de Piana, a spectacular landscape made up of red rock cliffs with astonishing shapes, plunging into translucent water, is a must-see on a trip to Corsica.

Highlights, what you must see in Corsica

Some of the surrounding areas deserve to be highlighted, such as the Lavezzi archipelago, a group of islets and granite rocks occupying the southernmost point of mainland France, opposite Sardinia. On site, walks and swimming in a preserved setting, classified as a wildlife Park.

The vineyards of Patrimonio and its famous Corsican wine, which can be found all over the island, with 3000 hours of sunshine per year and very favourable microclimates. It is the oldest Corsican AOC (registered designation of origin – trad.), and is also the showcase of the island’s vineyards in France and abroad.

The Aiguilles de Bavella are one of the emblematic landscapes of the “Isle of Beauty”. The latter, symbol of Corsica, sumptuous and wild, dominates an immense forest of fragrant pines. Palombaggia beach, in the Gulf of Porto-Vecchio: turquoise waters, green pines and red rocks, the emblematic colours of Corsica.

The Corsican lands are very attractive for their creeks and among those present in the surroundings of Bonifacio and Calvi, the most notorious of wich are the Pointe de Spano, located in Balagne, the Pointe de Spano constitutes one of the most beautiful creeks of the bay of Calvi with its translucent water and its large granite blocks.

Also, the Anse de Chevanu, in the commune of Pianotoli-Caldarello and not far from the Bruzzi reserve, this cove is a haven of peace on the western shore of the Bouches de Bonifacio marine park.

There is the Crique de l’Alga and the Crique de Sainte-Restitude and finally the Plages de Sperone, two fine sandy beaches of luminous white. The Petit Sperone beach and the Grand Sperone beach are accessible from the Piantarella beach.

If you’re a foodie you’ll be delighted!

Corsica is, along with France, a country where cuisine is omnipresent and specialities are numerous. Mediterranean and Italian cuisine, based on meat, fish or cheese. Examples are varied, such as “Panzetta”, which is a smoked and dried Corsican pork belly, presented in flat or rolled form; wild boar stew with blueberries or chestnuts; Linguines calvaises or Brocciu, a cheese used in traditional cooking and excellent varietal wines.

You can enjoy these specialities with a view of the fabulous Corsican creeks and the Mediterranean, far from the madness of the French Riviera. There is no shortage of places to eat, such as La Signoria, Au Capu Biancu, A casa di ma or A Cheda and many others, which will give you that authentic Corsican atmosphere.

Credits:  Photo by Hendrik Cornelissen & Gontran Isnard on Unsplash