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French & Italian Commercial Exemption / 70% rule live Monitoring

Prorata charters VAT calculation (on time spent in E.U waters only)

LogNav is a web application built on top of a multifaceted proprietary algorithm  that enriches AIS data with information related to a vessel’s geo location and its navigation.

Keep track of all your trips and automatically display them in real-time gauges, as qualifying or not for the F.C.E or I.C.E *

*French Commercial Exemption or Italian Commercial Exemption

Generate (downloadable) reports which include all necessary and probative data for your fiscal status.

Our solution is unique, exclusive and has just been certified with

DATA INTEGRITY compliance by “Bureau Veritas”.


On time for FCAC & ICAC 2022!

LOGNAV can retroactively collect your navigation data from 2021 and help you validate your compliance with the criteria, allowing to edit your “commercial activity certificates” with total peace of mind.

In case you have already produced your FCAC or ICAC for 2022 and want to back it up, rapidly and easily, with enforceable data, we also have adapted offers for you.

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Let us remind you the 5 criteria to respect, allowing you to create and sign the Commercial Activity Certificates:

  • The yacht is commercially registered
  • The yacht has permanent crew
  • The yacht is engaged in commercial activity
  • The yacht is at least 15m long
  • The yacht left territorial waters (respectively French or Italian) for at least 70% of the trips carried out during the calendar year 2021.

LogNav also allows to:

Acknowledge the applicable VAT due on charters, based on the real time spent in E.U waters only, helping your charterers to make substantial savings.

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