A “yacht agent” is an individual or a corporation which specializes in the provision of services for the yachting industry.

Our definition of a yacht agent & our commitment

The range of services that an agent shall be able to offer is almost unlimited, since he acts as a coordinator in conjunction with numerous third party suppliers and administrations.

Nevertheless, what should distinguish a yacht agent from other service providers is its ability to advising efficiently and manage flawlessly the coordination of the essential administrative & operational needs of a yacht operating private or commercial cruises.

The essence of the yacht agent missions shall therefore be:

  • Assisting the Yacht (in coordination with the captain, crew and management company) to comply with different entrance procedures from country to country.
  • Providing quality and reliable general information and moreover, local specific information and knowledge (in the zone of navigation or berthing/mooring).

Aside from this core basis of specialized services that a yacht agent must be able to provide, he then has to provide quality and reliable coordination for a large panel of the customers’ needs including:

  • Courrier services / Reception and delivery of post and parcels
  • Shopping assistance
  • Medical assistance
  • Provisioning
  • Technical support
  • Concierge services

In order to offer the best support to its customers, the agent must therefore have a local office and infrastructures at direct proximity of the ports that he covers.

He must also have a real foothold in the local basin with an extensive network and a deep knowledge of the quality of the third-party suppliers and of fair market prices.

The yacht agents shall therefore be the central trusted local support for the yacht before and during his call at port, able to provide physical and administrative assistance. We, at AGents, commit to these definitions and also to keep on evolving in our work processes and offers, to provide our clients with practical and modern ways.

providing quality and reliable coordination for the customers’ needs